Wills, Trusts and Fideicomiso

Planning your land purchase and business start-up correctly from the beginning will avoid unnecessary probate in the future.

The Mexican trust or Fideicomiso is the most common way to purchase land on Mexican borders and beaches. We at CancunLaw have been working with fideicomisos since 1994. Our extensive experience gives us a thorough understanding how the Mexican trust works, including what information should and should not be contained in the document. We know how problems get started. We see them coming and we know what to do to avoid them.

The vast majority of foreigners who have bought land in fideicomiso have no idea what their Mexican trust says. They have been “funneled” through the purchase process and their fideicomiso has never been explained to them. Instead, they simply did what they were told to do by the people putting the closing together.

Many foreign buyers pay the full purchase price and sign the closing documents without having any idea what they are signing or whether the information contained in the document is correct. They would never do this in their home country, yet they let themselves be “funneled” through the closing process in Mexico.

You also need to consider how your assets will be passed to your heirs upon your death. At CancunLaw, we have extensive experience in international estate and will planning. We coordinate your US estate plan with your Mexican will, your fideicomiso and your Mexican corporation so that at your death all your Mexican assets transfer to your loved ones as you intended.

With CancunLaw at your side, you will fully understand the process and will actively participate in it. We work with you to understand your needs and concerns and we educate you so that you can make well-informed decisions. Lastly, being a fully bilingual firm, we work with the original Spanish language documents to ensure that they are correct and enforceable. In short, it is our job to ensure that your transition into Mexico is a safe and pleasant one.

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“Jan was my Attorney who handled the closing of the sale of one of my properties in Mexico. Very important to me because I don’t speak Spanish and live in the United States, 2000 miles from Mexico. She was professional in all of my interactions with her.I trust her completely and will use her again for my other Mexican Properties. Feel free to contact me. Jan can give you my contact information.”

Tom Frazee, Mpls, MN, USA

“When we bought our condo we just put everything into Jan’s hands and she managed the entire process flawlessly!”

S. – Puerto Morelos, Q. Roo

“We only wish we had consulted Jan Folsom sooner. Her advice enabled us to save a significant amount of money. If we had consulted her sooner, we also would have saved substantial mental anguish. We could not recommend anyone more highly.”

Bob and Caroline Villiar, Garnet Valley, PA

“Jan took our land purchase from disaster to dream. We have recommended her to multiple friends and would not make a real estate move in the Yucatan without her.”

Dave Rosenberg and Elizabeth Matthews, Lafayette CO

“Thank you, Janet, for helping us out on the purchase of our condo. Without your help and guidance the process would have been much more difficult. I hope to do business with you in the future.”

Jim & Nancy Guinn