Probate and Litigation

The majority of our litigation and probate clients are lawyers in the United States whose clients own Mexican assets.

Real Estate

For two decades, the first question people have always asked is whether it is safe to buy land in Mexico. For two decades, we have always answered the same way, “it depends”.


A Mexican corporation may not be created for the sole purpose of holding residential real property. If it were to be determined that this was the reason you created your corporation, your property could be confiscated.

Wills, Trusts and Fideicomiso

Planning your land purchase and business start-up correctly from the beginning will avoid unnecessary probate in the future.

Folsom Y Asociados, S.C., (Folsom) are US lawyers in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, now known as CancunLaw, was created in 1994, by two US attorneys, to serve the needs of the large numbers of Canadian and US citizens moving into Mexico and has now become the primary law firm for these citizens. At the time of its creation, it was the only Mexican law firm allowed to be owned outright by US attorneys and the only Mexican law firm allowed by the Mexican government to offer both US and Mexican legal services within the Mexican border. It reportedly is the same today.

These special permits make it uniquely qualified to address the needs of people and businesses with assets or other legal interests on both sides of the border. As a result, CancunLaw has served as a safe landing site for hundreds of people entering Mexico for the first time. Today, each of CancunLaw’s clients receives personalized representation and direct access to both a US and a Mexican lawyer.

As a result, Folsom represents clients all over the Republic of Mexico and is the law firm of choice for US and Canadian businesses and citizens in Mexico.

For over two decades, our main areas of emphasis have been Mexican real estate, Mexican trusts, (known as a “fideicomiso”), Mexican corporations, US and Mexican Wills, US and Mexican probate, and the litigation cases that go alone with those areas of law. As always, we continue to be on the cutting edge of the US-Mexico law industry. Our role continues to be the bringing together of the two separate and distinct cultures and jurisdictions, and the education of our clients and the protection of their assets in a legal system that is rapidly changing and a culture that they may not understand.

“Jan was my Attorney who handled the closing of the sale of one of my properties in Mexico. Very important to me because I don’t speak Spanish and live in the United States, 2000 miles from Mexico. She was professional in all of my interactions with her.I trust her completely and will use her again for my other Mexican Properties. Feel free to contact me. Jan can give you my contact information.”

Tom Frazee, Mpls, MN, USA

“When we bought our condo we just put everything into Jan’s hands and she managed the entire process flawlessly!”

S. – Puerto Morelos, Q. Roo

“We only wish we had consulted Jan Folsom sooner. Her advice enabled us to save a significant amount of money. If we had consulted her sooner, we also would have saved substantial mental anguish. We could not recommend anyone more highly.”

Bob and Caroline Villiar, Garnet Valley, PA

“Jan took our land purchase from disaster to dream. We have recommended her to multiple friends and would not make a real estate move in the Yucatan without her.”

Dave Rosenberg and Elizabeth Matthews, Lafayette CO

“Thank you, Janet, for helping us out on the purchase of our condo. Without your help and guidance the process would have been much more difficult. I hope to do business with you in the future.”

Jim & Nancy Guinn

Janet L. Folsom

Folsom y Asociados S.C. dba CancunLaw
Legal Representative & Founding Partner


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